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Arizona cheerleader gets ejected from game for heckling Arizona State player

You don’t see this every day.

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College basketball was pretty wild on Thursday night with top-10 teams Cincinnati, Purdue, and Ohio State all tasting defeat.

While that was going on, there was a rivalry game taking place out West between No. 17 Arizona and No. 25 Arizona State. In a game where you’d think emotions would be running high between players and officials, the most dramatic moment of the night actually featured a referee and a cheerleader getting into it.

Yes, you read that correctly.

During the second half, a referee ejected an Arizona cheerleader for using his megaphone to heckle an Arizona State player. You don’t often see a cheerleader getting ejected from a sporting event, but in 2018 college hoops, fans have learned to expect the unexpected.

No one knows exactly what the cheerleader said to get himself tossed, but according to ESPN sideline reporter Molly McGrath, it was inappropriate. The cheerleader was reportedly not using profanity.

While the Arizona State fans loved the cheerleader getting ejected, the Wildcats got the last laugh, as they defeated the Sun Devils, 77-70, on their home court.