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Printable NCAA bracket 2018: Start making your predictions

The 2018 NCAA tournament selection show is over and the March Madness bracket has been revealed. We now know for sure that the No. 1 seeds are Virginia, Villanova, Kansas, and Xaiver — are you going to pick a No. 1 seed to win it all?

Yes, it’s time to start planning your bracket! The First Four teams will begin play on Tuesday, and you don’t want to be the person who loses points in your own pool by forgetting. The remaining 64 teams will resume play Thursday.

Click HERE for your printable PDF of the 2018 bracket.

Yes, it’s time to predict upsets!

How far will Duke advance? They’ve beaten Michigan State and North Carolina, but also lost to St. John’s and Boston College. Are Miles Bridges and Jaren Jackson Jr. finally ready to take the Spartans to the level we thought they could play? Is Cincinnati the best team nobody is talking about? Will Virginia’s defense finally be enough?

There’s a lot to question and then question again, and of course, nothing ever goes as you picture it in March. You’ll fill out your bracket with confidence until Jim (you know, the guy from marketing) talks about how his knowledgeable friend thinks Ohio State is going to the Final Four. Then you’ll finalize your bracket for good until Pam (you know, the head of the home owner’s association) comes running through the produce section of the grocery store to remind you Michael Porter Jr. is back for Missouri.

The next few days will be a self-sabotaging disaster, but it’s too fun an event to miss out. Best of luck, and remember: nobody ever gets this damn thing right.

Print your copies of SB Nation’s bracket here, and start making those picks.