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‘WHAT A F***IN’ GAME!’ Nevada’s coach dropped 4 F bombs on live TV after comeback against Texas

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TBS caught the entire scene.

Texas led by as many as 14 points on Friday against Nevada, but the Wolfpack roared back to force overtime and secure the win in OT. It’s Nevada’s first NCAA tournament win since 2007 and it made their head coach Eric Musselman very excited.

The TBS microphones caught Musselman dropping multiple f-bombs in the postgame locker room:

Greg Gumble apologized for the “colorful language by the overly excited coach.”

Nevada trailed almost the entire game, taking their first lead in overtime since the score was 5-2 early in the opening minutes. Nevada then went 6-of-6 from the field in overtime, led by back-to-back threes from Caleb Martin and a huge dunk from Jordan Caroline.

Nevada now faces Cincinnati in round two.