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Beloved Loyola nun Sister Jean had her team losing in the Sweet 16, but she doesn’t care that they busted her bracket

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“I’m sorry for busting her bracket,” the game’s hero said.

Loyola Chicago, the Illinois Catholic school that’s advancing through the NCAA tournament as a No. 11 seed, has a famous team chaplain. She is a nun, Sister Jean.

You can learn all about her here. She seems like a great person. And one of my favorite things about her is that she doesn’t let her heart get in the way of her predictions:

Turner’s Ros Gold-Onwude reported that Loyola’s players found out Sister Jean has a tournament bracket — and that said bracket has them losing in the Sweet 16.

Fortunately (and unfortunately) for Sister Jean, the Ramblers won a third straight classic, holding off Nevada to reach the Elite Eight.

Luckily, Sister Jean didn’t care about her own team busting her bracket:

“I’m sorry for Sister Jean, for busting her bracket,” last-minute hero Marques Townes said, “but yeah, we’re just happy to be in this position and going to the Elite 8.”

In addition to whatever personal connection she might feel to the Ramblers or their players, we learned Sister Jean had some more skin in the game here. She needed the Ramblers to prevail and then lose in the next round in order to keep her bracket as correct as possible. May her ruthless spirit be an example to us all.