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UMBC compared its victory over Virginia to winning in Fortnite Battle Royale

I haven’t won yet so I can’t relate.

So 16-seed UMBC defeated 1-seed Virginia and I’m shaking as I’m typing this because I’m so excited that I witnessed history. It was a win that shocked everyone, even themselves. The players decided to compare beating Virginia to winning in Fortnite for the first time.

Fortnite has this game mode called Battle Royale where there are 100 people dropped on an island and the goal is to be the last one or team standing. You can play in solo mode, duos or be in a squad and play but winning a solo battle is the most difficult and rewarding experience.Think of it as The Hunger Games with random people and no Jennifer Lawrence.

To put what he said into perspective, I’ve been playing Fortnite for 2 months and I still haven’t won. This is because I suck, but the point still stands.

Must be nice.