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Loyola Chicago’s game-winner was agonizing for Tennessee alum Candace Parker

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Candace Parker is everyone on the losing end of a close ending.

Loyola Chicago upended Tennessee on Saturday night, 63-62, with a last-second buzzer beater to send the No. 11 Ramblers through to the Sweet 16 in 2018’s NCAA tournament.

This was the team’s second consecutive closing time splash, and Loyola is officially March Madness’ Cinderella for 2018.

Candace Parker, who’s on CBS’s coverage team as an analyst this year, has strong feelings for Tennessee basketball, as well she should, since she played for the Volunteers from 2004-2008. As Tennessee grabbed a one-point lead with 10.5 seconds to go, and then stood by as Clayton Custer banged in the winning shot from the right elbow, Parker cycled through the full range of human emotion.

As well she should, because this is March. Let’s break this down.

1. Giddiness.

“They can do this! Just one defensive stand! Simple!”

2. Confidence.


3. Despair.

“What just happened here?”

4. Acceptance.


There’s always next year, Candace.