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33 of the best dog pics people sent to the UMBC Retrievers before an NCAA tournament game

The Retrievers are making themselves America’s team.

The NCAA tournament’s preeminent Cinderella is winning both online and on the court. The night UMBC became the first 16th seed to win a round-of-64 game, the Retrievers’ Twitter following grew exponentially as it fired off funny/snarky tweet after funny/snarky tweet.

Before the school’s second-round game against Kansas State on Sunday (tip time: 7:40 p.m. ET on truTV), the Retrievers figured they had time to kill. So, they put out an important call:

More than a thousand people responded in the first hour after UMBC’s request. What follows is a collection of some of the best UMBC tournament dogs out there. These pictures aren’t sorted in any particular order, because all of the dogs included are excellent:

Literal retrievers! These are great, even though UMBC’s retriever mascot is not a golden retriever, but a Chesapeake Bay retriever, the state dog of Maryland.

(My heart has melted. I no longer have a heart, for it is now soup.)

If coach Ryan Odom needs any rebounding help, that last pup might be an option.