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John Calipari got whistled for a CLASS B technical foul. What is that?

Let’s go to the rule book.

Loyola v Nevada Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

During Thursday night’s Sweet 16 game between Kentucky and Kansas State, UK head coach John Calipari was hit with a “CLASS B technical foul” for being outside the coaches’ box. Kansas State made one free throw, and then play resumed.

If you’re unfamiliar with what exactly constitutes a “CLASS B technical foul,” you’re probably not alone.

Let’s go to the rule book:

CLASS A and CLASS B technical fouls.

A CLASS A technical foul involves unsportsmanlike conduct or behavior by a player, substitute, coach or bench personnel.

A CLASS B technical foul is an infraction of the rules that neither involves contact with an opponent nor causes contact with an opponent and falls below the limit of an unsportsmanlike act.

Examples of CLASS A and CLASS B technical fouls shall include:

1. Unsportsmanlike conduct; using profanity, vulgarity, taunting, baiting (CLASS A)

2. Hanging on the ring, except when doing so to prevent an injury (CLASS B)

No word on what a CLASS C technical is, but I hope it’s something really obscure like “singing ‘Lovefool’ by The Cardigans while an opposing player tries to shoot free throws.”

It’s probably not.