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A Loyola Chicago fan asked the Ramblers’ best player if he was part of the team

“Come on, man.”

No. 11 Cinderella Loyola Chicago punched their ticket through to the Final Four in San Antonio on Saturday night, following a dominant 78-62 thrashing of No. 9 Kansas State in Atlanta. This marks the Ramblers’ first trip to the tournament’s final weekend since 1963, when they in fact won the whole show.

After the game, CBS Sports caught up with the night’s hero, Ben Richardson, who led all scorers with 23 points, and stablemate Clayton Custer, who was this year’s Missouri Valley Player of the Year. They told an interesting story.

A partial transcript:

Custer: Everyone laughed at us when we thought we were gonna play Division I basketball, nobody thought we could do this.

Richardson: Let me tell you a story. In the hotel yesterday, a girl came up and said, ‘Hey can I get a picture with you guys?’ She goes, ‘Here, here, Mister, can you take the picture?’ She hands the phone to him (Custer).

Custer: And she goes, ‘Are you on the team?’ And I was like, ‘Come on, man.’

Let’s repeat: Clayton Custer is the Missouri Valley Conference Player of the Year. He’s playing in the Final Four next weekend. He hit the game winning runner in the Ramblers’ round of 32 upset of Tennessee. Yes, he’s very much on the team.

UPDATE: Reader Lewis has emailed possibly the photo in question.