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Only .48 percent of brackets on ESPN’s Tournament Challenge have Loyola-Chicago in the Final Four

If you had the Ramblers in San Antonio in your bracket, you’re part of an elite group.

Loyola v Kansas State Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Picking March Madness games correctly is hard. The odds are hopelessly stacked against you, and most of the brackets are toast by the end of the first day of games. But if you’re part of a small group, then you picked Loyola-Chicago to go on this improbable tourney run.

Per a graphic shown on SportsCenter, ESPN’s tournament challenge bracket game has only 83,292 out of 17,304,320 total picking the Ramblers to get his far.

One of the ones that didn’t have the Ramblers in the Final Four? The legendary Loyola superfan Sister Jean. She had her team going out in the Sweet 16, and the team is certainly busting it.

“Young man said to me the other day: ‘Sister Jean, we broke your bracket.’ I said ‘keep breaking it! That’s OK with me,’” she told reporters after the game — so obviously she wasn’t too torn up about the busted bracket.

She also said she made an insurance bracket, so she certainly hedged her bets in the end.

So if your bracket is done and you didn’t see Loyola-Chicago coming, then don’t feel bad. You’re certainly not alone.