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Northern Colorado’s Jordan Davis eviscerates an opponent for the second time in the Big Sky tournament

They should just give him the trophy at this point.

Northern Colorado’s Jordan Davis is on an absolute tear in the Big Sky conference tournament and it’s due to these two tremendous dunks.

College athletes aren’t paid enough to endure the assault to the psyche that Davis delivers with these dunks. It just ain’t right. These defenders have families, hopes and dreams. Yet with wanton abandon for the well being of his opponents, Davis threw down those two dunks as savagely as anyone has this college basketball season.

But Davis is an interesting story besides his high-flying heroics. He suited up for Azerbaijan in European competition when the country’s national team exploited a loophole allowing for naturalized citizens to play. Davis had no previous affiliation with the country. In fact, he didn’t even know how it was pronounced.

“I was like, what country is it?” Davis recalls. “And then it literally took us—me, [DeWeese] and another assistant, [Steve] Smiley—about 15 minutes to learn how to say Azerbaijan correctly. Someone argued that it was Azz-er-buh-jhan at first. Then someone said no, it’s Azhur-by-junn. It was comedy that day.” (The proper way, they eventually learned, is Uh-zher-by-jhan.)

Davis’ coach likens him to Russell Westbrook, and these dunks are clear examples of that. He’s got game no matter what continent he’s on.