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Candace Parker is an incredible basketball analyst and Turner Sports just made it official with a new deal

Parker was one of the best parts of the entire NCAA tournament in 2018.

Update: On October 10, 2018, Parker agreed to a deal with Turner Sports which includes full-time contributions as an analyst and commentator for NBA on TNT and NBA TV throughout the season. She’ll also provide coverage of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship.

In a release provided by the WNBA, Parker said the following:

“I cannot wait to resume broadcasting with Turner Sports and to be a part of what I consider the best basketball coverage out there,” said Parker. “I love broadcasting because it allows me to share my passion for basketball with viewers, and I look forward to sharing my analysis and commentary in a variety of formats.”

Parker will continue to play in the WNBA as well, coming off an All-Star campaign in 2018 where she led the Los Angeles Sparks to the playoffs.

Candace Parker just spent her first NCAA tournament as an analyst for Turner Sports and, let me tell you, it has been a complete delight. Not only has it been refreshing to have a constant female presence throughout the tourney, her takes have been smart, informed, and full of her own personality, which is what makes it so great.

She’s captured the hearts of everyone:

The consensus on her analysis is in — she’s good and should be on TV as much as possible. But her personality has been what’s made us as fans want her back covering sports as soon as we can get it.

There was the moment she watched Tennessee get bounced from the tourney

Sister Jean welcoming her to the Loyola-Chicago bandwagon

After Loyola beat Tennessee, Parker then apologized to Sister Jean:

“I certainly do [accept her apology] because if you were not loyal to your alma mater that would be trouble for you and your school, especially when you’re so popular and have a made name for yourself. But now you can root for us that we go as far as we possibly can.”

Parker responded with “I love loyalty. Loyalty is hard to come by this day and age.”

Her shirt during the semifinals

For some reason TBS had Parker in a “Watch Party” during the game, which was streaming on Twitter. I actually turned it on during every commercial break because her analysis was so great. I wish they had her on the main broadcast but, either way, the shirt she rocked was incredible.


TNT should consider replacing their NBA Players Only night and just have a Candace Parker night instead. Add in Kara Lawson and Doris Burke and wait ... this should be the broadcast team for any basketball game. Can we make that happen?