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Philly is the first city to win a Super Bowl and an NCAA basketball title the same year

Villanova’s latest championship put Philadelphia in the history books.

Michigan v Villanova Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Villanova walloped Michigan, 79-62, Monday night to win their second NCAA championship in three years, an impressive feat. With their win, they also made a little bit of history for Philadelphia.

Philadelphia now holds a Super Bowl title (thanks, Eagles!) and an NCAA basketball championship at the same time. That’s never happened before and is pretty impressive to say the least. Denise McDonough and Doreen Troilo must be overjoyed right now if they’re still standing and functional after the win.

The Eagles congratulated the Wildcats on Twitter after the final buzzer sounded.

Now, you could argue Villanova isn’t actually “a Philadelphia school.” People have before and people will again, but for the purposes of this statistic and most location-based reasoning, they are in Philadelphia. Their campus is even having their light poles greased up by the Philadelphia police so people don’t climb them during the celebration. It’s a Philly school alright.

If Philadelphia wants to extend their championship win streak they’ll have to rely on an Embiid-less Sixers team in the NBA playoffs and a Flyers team staring down a tough Eastern Conference that they’d have to make it through to win a Stanley Cup. Two in a row isn’t nothing though, and there’s no doubt that Villanova will be celebrating this one all week just like we saw Iggles diehards do back in February.

Own this moment Philly, and congrats on owning a piece of history along with it.