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Monmouth’s George Papas delivers historically hilarious garbage time performance

Papas’ steal-dunk-technical combo in garbage time is a gift to all of us. I would die for him.

OK, let’s set the scene real quick: There are 15 seconds left in the basketball game at Allen Fieldhouse and Kansas is dribbling out the clock on a 55-point win against Monmouth.

Here’s what happens next: Monmouth guard George Papas sneaks up, steals the ball, goes down the court for a dunk, runs his mouth and gets T’d up. I’m laughing just typing these words out — hahaha.

  • If you don’t think this is objectively hilarious, I am sorry.
  • If you get one chance in your life to dunk and talk shit at Allen Fieldhouse, you gotta just go for it. You only live once.
  • If you play for Kansas and are dribbling out the clock in garbage time against Monmouth and this happens to you — you are taking an L even if it’s sort of bad manners.

The Monmouth coach disagrees, I guess:

Bill Self gets it though:

Anyway, I would die for this kid. What a legend.