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12 important things about Stephen F. Austin’s upset over No. 1 Duke

The Dukies were not on fire Tuesday night.

NCAA Basketball: Stephen F. Austin at Duke Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

We have had a deliciously spicy start to the college basketball season. First, Evansville beat No. 1 Kentucky at Rupp Arena on Nov. 12, and then last night, Stephen F. Austin beat No. 1 Duke at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Anytime Duke loses, the internet rejoices. Duke has long been hated for their success over the years under head coach Mike Krzyzewski, but that’s also been because of a handful of the most publicly loathed college athletes of their generation.

I’m going to break down the best things about Duke losing starting ... now.

1. It was Duke. No better place to start, Dook has been one of the easiest teams to hate on in sports the past few decades.

2. It happened at Cameron. You never see all these people in blue and white look as stunned as they did, while about 20-30 or so people go stupid ham like the Lumberjacks and their faithful did.

It’s been a bad season to wear blue and white.

3. The way in which they won the game. The announcer mid-going mad about the Lumberjacks having a timeout, not using it, and then transitioning into a frenzy over the game-winner is perfect.

Nathan Bain is the most fearless person to ever step on a basketball court for this.

4. The help being provided to Bain’s family. Bain is from the Bahamas, where his family’s home was destroyed by Hurricane Dorian at the start of September. He dedicated the win to his family back home.

A GoFundMe was created on Sept. 17 to raise funds to help his family. Shortly after beating Duke, the fund had just over $2,000 of a $25,000 goal. As of the writing of this post, it’s beyond $32,000 with a new goal of $50,000. This is the best thing on this list.

5. It was Stephen F. Austin. It’s not like it was “A City/Town/State” State or Polytechnic University, Institute of Technology, or even simply College. It was Stephen F. Austin. Duke lost to a person school.

6. Louisville Mayor Mike Rutherford’s tweet. Stop saying Twitter is bad when things like this also exist on the platform.

7. Everything about this photo. When people say photography is a form of art and a craft, this is what they mean.

NCAA Basketball: Stephen F. Austin at Duke Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

8. This photo too. Especially my guy sitting down, stunned, and yet still recording what’s going on in front of him.

9. New friends! And nobody has gotten more juice out of a single win than UMBC, it’s actually impressive. Well maybe the New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints fans have a good argument.

10. You had a very specific Duke player you didn’t like at one point in time come to mind as you watched that layup go in. Who was it? Was it Christian Laettner? J.J. Redick? Greg Paulus? Grayson Allen? A Plumlee? Shane Battier?

11. The Lumberjacks were almost four-touchdown underdogs. And we’re playing basketball! They closed as +27.5 underdogs, making it the largest upset by a Division I team over the past 15 seasons, according to ESPN Stats & Info.

12. Duke lost to Stephen F. Austin at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Just had to say it again. College basketball is a beautiful product, and we aren’t even close to March yet.