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JJ Culver scored 100 points in a college game, and the box score is completely wild

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The brother of Timberwolves’ rookie Jarrett Culver dropped 100 points in an NAIA game. Seriously.

On Tuesday, Dec. 10, Wayland Baptist University defeated SW Adventist in men’s basketball to the tune of 124-60. Nothing might stand out beyond an utter beat down until you look at the box score and note that senior J.J. Culver scored a cool 100 points in the win.

Culver, the older brother of former Texas Tech player and No. 6 overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft Jarrett Culver, nearly doubled the previous school record for points in a game (51) and is now second in the record books for points scored in a game in the history of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA).

Let’s dig into the box score.

He scored 81 percent of his team’s points (100-of-124), hit 81 percent of his team’s field goals (34-of-42), and took 81 percent of his team’s shots (62-of-77). Culver connected on 12 three-point shots (on 33 attempts), and added 20 points at the free-throw line. With only nine rebounds (all defensive), Culver just missed on the double-double, which he’s probably fine with, considering.

Here’s how the game started:

  • Jumper from Culver
  • Steal by Culver
  • Two FT by Culver
  • Defensive rebound by Culver
  • Three pointer by Culver

That took 1:04 off the clock. Culver played 38 total minutes, averaging 2.6 points per minute over the course of the game. He scored his team’s first 42 points, and had 51 in the scoring column by the time the two squads headed to the halftime break.

With 13:37 to play in the game, Culver dished his lone assist of the game when he found Tre Fillmore for a fast-break dunk.

Check out the full box score:

Wayland Baptist University

“J.J. has awesome offensive talent to be able to put it in the basket that many times, and I thought our guys did a great job of getting him the ball in places where he could score. He did a great job of reading the defense and getting open,” WBU head Harrelson said after the game.

Culver’s point total sat at 98 as the clock ticked through one minute remaining, until he drove the basket and finished through contact. He would miss the ensuing free throw, but who can blame him.

While all the scoring is fantastic, the best part may be that it was apparently ugly sweater night for the coaching staff, meaning all the memories from this outstanding performance will feature Coach Harrelson in this: