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Baylor’s Juicy Landrum made an NCAA-record 14 threes. Here they are.

Let’s relive Landrum’s record-setting three-point performance.

Baylor’s Juicy Landrum celebrates.
Juicy Landrum is a pure shooter.

Baylor women’s basketball’s Juicy Landrum set the NCAA women’s record for most three-point shots made in a game when she drained 14 of them in an absolute destruction of Arkansas State. The No. 7 team in the country routed the Wolves, 111-43.

Landrum’s night was unreal for a couple of reasons. First, her 14 makes came in just 33 minutes, where she took 24 shots. Twenty-three (!) of those 24 shots came from distance. There was no way she was leaving the court without that record. And her attempts were good ones. She shot 61 percent from behind the arc. (On the season, she’s made 24 of 49 attempts in 10 games.)

Most impressively, though, is Landrum, the singular person (and reigning NCAA champ), nearly outscored every single Arkansas State Wolf combined. She finished with 42 points to their 43. Landrum made seven times as many threes as their entire team, and attempted more herself. And it’s not like she was a ball-hog. The 5’8 senior guard had seven assists (three more than Arkansas State) and eight rebounds to go along with her 42 points, too.

Here are all 14 of Landrum’s three-point makes, sorted by quarter.

First quarter

Make one:

Just this one three for Landrum in the opening 10 minutes. That’s it. That’s how hot she got from the floor for the rest of the game.

Second quarter

Make two:

Make three:

Make four:

Make five:

In the second quarter, Landrum scored 12 out of Baylor’s 14 points in a three-minute stretch. She had 15 points at the half.

Third quarter

Make six:

Make seven:

Make eight:

Make nine:

Make 10:

Make 11:

Landrum drained six three in the third quarter, pushing Baylor’s lead so far that Arkansas State could’ve just given up here. She had 18 of her team’s 27 points in the frame. The Wolves scored 16.

Fourth quarter

Make 12:

Make 13:

Make 14:

At this point, the record (13 makes) was in range, and Landrum was taking it. She stayed in until the game’s final minutes to secure her number, draining No. 14 with two minutes to play. Congrats to Landrum, who has to be on WNBA Draft boards after a night like this.

Watch Landrum’s full takeover here: