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3 points aren’t enough for this unreal South Carolina full-court shot

Tyasha Harris really threw a football-like Hail Mary from 70 feet — and it went in.

Some basketball shots are worth two points. Others are worth three. This one should be worth six because it’s a touchdown from 70 feet from the damn basketball hoop.

South Carolina’s Tyasha Harris ran out like a QB and chucked a 70-foot prayer before the end of the first-quarter buzzer ... and it just went straight in. This is madness for so many reasons.

First of all, she chucked it one-handed and threw it like an actual football. This was a Hail Mary. Somehow, Harris used sorcery to put arc on the toss with perfect precision from the other end of the floor. By my math, this had a .00000001 percent chance of going in. It was glorious.

Also, this was against a ranked opponent. No. 5 South Carolina needed these points to win comfortably against No. 25 South Dakota, 73-60. This bucket was huge.

Please look at Dawn Staley’s reaction:

Let’s watch from a few more angles.

Here’s how it looks as SportsCenter’s top play:

It was only worth three points, but in my opinion, this should’ve been given football treatment. Six points and a free throw.

What a freakin’ shot.