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Selection Sunday 2019: Get your blank printable bracket

Do you like the satisfaction of writing each team in as matchups as announced? We have you covered with your own blank printable bracket.

Good morning, it’s time to college basketball. Are you ready to laugh, cry, stress out, and wait in a sweating fit of undeniable anxiety? No? Well nobody is.

We have a gift for you, though. If you’re a true die-hard unwilling to wait for the Selection Sunday show at 6 p.m. ET that will unveil the teams, we have a printable blank bracket for you!

Feel free to use it and scribble down each matchup as it’s announced. Or, if you don’t like where your favorite team is seeded, just make it up as you go along. This is your bracket, after all.

And, lucky for all of us, the NCAA is going back to the basics for this year’s Selection Sunday. We won’t be getting the teams read to us alphabetically, and the show won’t stretch out over two painful hours. According to CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus, “We’re going to basically do what we used to,” Sports Illustrated reported. So follow along the old fashioned way and fill in your bracket.

And remember, there’s no way a No. 16 seed could ever beat a No. 1 seed. Well, not again.