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Printable NCAA bracket 2019: Make your predictions with SB Nation's version

Selection Sunday is here. We know the route each of the best teams in the nation have to navigate to get their chance to cut down the nets in Minneapolis. Will Zion Williamson and Duke crush the field? Will Luke Maye, Cameron Johnson, Coby White, and North Carolina outlast them? Does anyone believe in a tournament redemption story for Virginia?

Before reality happens, now is the chance to fantasize and create your own dream March Madness bracket using SB Nation’s template for 2019.

Here is a link to your PRINTABLE MARCH MADNESS MEN’S BRACKET for you to hypothesize who will beat who and by how much. Heck, it’s on paper — nobody will see it. Take a 16 seed. Put a 14 seed in your Final Four. If it’s wrong, who cares! Throw it out. It never happened. If it’s right, go brag!

Seriously though, go ahead and fill out a bracket, but don’t waste too much time here. You’re going to be wrong. Like I’ll bet money on that fact. If Day 1 looks great to you, Day 2 will wreck your emotions.

Have fun, and temper expectations. (And, also, don’t pick against Williamson.)