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Zion Williamson’s amazing March Madness highlights, all in one place

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All eyes are on Zion in the NCAA tournament. This is every brilliant moment.

Virginia Tech v Duke Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Zion Williamson captivated the country all season long, and the Duke freshman has been even better under the bright spotlight of the 2019 NCAA Tournament. The 6’7 highlight machine has put on an aerial display throughout Duke’s run to the East Regional final, with dunks and blocks galore, and everything in between.

Every time Zion elevates, he detonates, ripping rims and sometimes defenders down with every rim-rattling stuff. So we’re keeping track of his most notable plays from the NCAA Tournament all in one spot.

In four games in the NCAA tournament, Williamson averaged 26 points and 8.5 rebounds, while shooting 69.8% from the field.

Williamson is so dynamic, CBS created a camera specifically for him. They didn’t want to miss a single millisecond of his high-flying heroics during the 2019 NCAA Tournament, and who could blame them?

Elite 8

Even before Duke’s game on Sunday against Michigan State, Williamson was wowing folks.


The one danger with playing in the air all the time is that Williamson sometimes has to literally adjust on the fly to avoid damage (maybe not to him, but the backboard).

Sweet 16

Williamson is like a human pogo stick with his amazingly quick jumps. Just ask Kerry Blackshear of Virginia Tech.

“There are blocks, and then there are ones that are eye-popping,” said Bill Raftery on the CBS broadcast.

The game against Virginia Tech was close, but Williamson helped Duke create some distance thanks to this eye-popping alley oop dunk. Tre Jones just threw the ball in the general vicinity of the basket, knowing full well that Zion would catch and dunk it almost no matter where it was. This was breathtaking.

Even when Zion was beaten, like on this crossover from Justin Robinson, it didn’t matter much.

First round

Williamson lit North Dakota State up for 25 points on 12-of-16 shooting from the field in his first tournament game. His reel is a reminder of how dominant a player he’s been in college basketball this season, and a preview of what the team with the first-overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft can add to its franchise if the ping pong balls fall in their favor.

Williamson started the night with a massive block

But he was relatively quiet in the first half. Duke had to shake off some nerves. They’re a young team in their first NCAA tournament. The close first-half score was an indication they had to get it together.

But Williamson took over in the second half

He got his own rebound off a free throw and threw a one-handed dunk down.

He somehow out-sprinted a North Dakota State guard before finishing at the rim in transition.

He nearly obliterated the AT&T Above The Rim camera after his dunk shook the backboard beyond control.

He even swished a three — YES, HE CAN HIT THREES.

Williamson is a machine. He’s the machine that’s fueled the Duke’s NCAA tournament run. He’ll also fuel this post, which we’ll continue to update with every highlight he has while the Blue Devils pursue a championship.