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New Jersey sportsbook offers one-time refund after agonizing Duke-UCF finish

UCF moneyline bettors came up inches short, but they can still cash in.

Oklahoma v Virginia Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Chalk has mostly reigned in the 2019 NCAA tournament, but we almost saw a huge upset Sunday evening. The No. 1-overall seed Duke came about as close as they could come to losing but managed to luck out in the end. UCF had two shots at the basket in the closing seconds, but came up short in the wildest finish of the tournament.

Duke entered the game a 14.5-point favorite, and their moneyline odds to win straight up were as high as -1200. UCF bettors cashed in on the point spread, but came up agonizingly short on the moneyline.

Good news for those UCF moneyline bettors! PointsBet, an Australian-based online sportsbook that launched in New Jersey last year, is offering a Good Karma Payout for any UCF moneyline bettors. Even better, you don’t need to have made your wager at PointsBet to benefit.

PointsBet created a Good Karma Payout to provide bettor relief in the event of unlikely calls that sway the fate of the game. Their most high profile example to date was after the New Orleans Saints were hosed by a missed call in the NFC Championship Game. They refunded all Saints moneyline and point spread wagers from the game.

This time around, they are refunding UCF bettors in the form of bonus bets. Additionally, they are offering refunds to sports fans who backed UCF at other sportsbook and did not receive a refund on their wagers. You have to sign up at the site with their code “KARMA” and post your bet slip on social media to receive up to $100 in bonus bets.

This is clearly a PR ploy to get people to sign up, but in light of the growing market for sportsbooks, it’s savvy business. It costs them in the short term, but if they develop some loyal customers out of all this, it could prove to be a solid longterm investment. The growing legalization of sports betting has resulted in a quickly saturating marketplace. A sportsbook can stand out with quality odds, but this is another unique way to stand out from the crowd.