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What we know about Nevada’s locker room run-in with Utah State

A near-brawl erupted after the game. Here’s what we know:

Utah State’s upset win over No. 12 Nevada isn’t the story on Sunday morning; it’s what happened after the game. Senior Jordan Caroline became so incensed after the game that he punched a glass case holding a fire extinguisher and had to be restrained by teammates and coaches as he tried to head to the Utah State locker room.

What happened?

It’s unclear exactly how things reached this point. Neither team has discussed the incident fully, which means all we really have to go by is the above video and scant details from the scene.

Jake Edmonds from KUTV had an excellent Twitter thread breaking down what he found out, but piecing things together, here’s what we know:

  1. Utah State fans were blocking the visitor’s entrance after rushing the court following the win.
  2. Nevada staff claim a Utah State staff member yelled a profane insult at Caroline, according to ESPN’s Michael Eaves.
  3. Because the visitor’s tunnel was blocked, security escorted Nevada down the home tunnel, past Utah State’s locker room.
  4. This caused Caroline to erupt, presumably trying to find the person who insulted him. Angered, he broke the fire extinguisher case.
  5. A Nevada staff member yelled at police offers saying: ““They’re touching our f***ing players, and you’re not going to do s*** about it?” Video of the final moments of the game is inconclusive as to whether Nevada players were touched by Utah State fans.
  6. Nevada coach Eric Musselman was restrained by police after an “expletive-laced tirade outside the locker room,” according to the Associated Press.
  7. Nevada did not make any players or coaches available to media following the game.

What are the schools saying?

Nevada issued a statement following the game:

“We are working with officials from the Mountain West Conference and Utah State to gather more information about the events that occurred this evening in Logan,” Nevada spokesperson Chad Hartley said late Saturday.

Utah State has not addressed the incident at this time.