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John Calipari absolutely berated Tyler Herro as Kentucky was getting destroyed by Tennessee

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The Vols throttled Kentucky on Saturday. Coach Cal wasn’t happy.

As Kentucky was getting its brains beat in on the road against Tennessee on Saturday, John Calipari took out his frustration on freshman shooting guard Tyler Herro. Calipari was caught lighting into Herro on the bench as the Vols went on to a 71-52 victory.

You can be your own lip reading expert here:

Calipari explained himself like this:

Is this any way for a coach making $8 million per year to talk to an unpaid student-athlete? The caricature of a red-faced college coach lighting into a player might have been more socially acceptable during the Bobby Knight days, but it isn’t a good look now.

In what other context can someone at a university yell at a student like this? In what other context is it acceptable for someone in a position of authority to chew out a subordinate like that?

Herro had been a big reason for Kentucky’s recent resurgence, catching fire over the month and coming off a career-high 29 points in the Wildcats’ previous game against Arkansas. The Vols shut him down, holding him to 6 points on 2-of-11 shooting.

Kentucky and Tennessee are fighting for an SEC title as well as a No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament. The Wildcats won the first meeting two weeks ago by 17 points as UK students chanted “over-rated” at Tennessee. Herro said Tennessee was “afraid” of Kentucky star P.J. Washington after the game. Washington was held to 13 points and three rebounds in the rematch as he battled early foul trouble.

You can read more context on Calipari’s screed against Herro here.