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Arizona mistimed a game-winning dunk at the buzzer for March Madness’ wildest ending

The end of regulation in Arizona vs. TCU was pure chaos.

The 2022 men’s NCAA tournament saved its best game for last when it came to the round of 32. Few expected No. 9 seed TCU to be able to compete with No. 1 seed Arizona, but the game turned into an instant classic late at night with the rest of the Sweet 16 field already set. The Horned Frogs seemed to be on the precipice for victory before Arizona’s sophomore star Ben Mathurin hit a deep three to tie the game with 12 seconds left.

What happened next was even wilder.

As TCU crossed halfcourt for their final possession, the Wildcats trapped the ball and forced a turnover. Arizona wing Dalen Terry picked up the ball with the clock ticking down and no one in front of him. Terry thought he had enough time to dunk the ball for the win, but he was fractions of a second too late. This is one of the more dramatic endings you will ever seen in the tournament. Watch the clip here:

Watch the clip closely, and you will notice the clock stopped briefly around 2.2 seconds. The clock operator must have been expecting a foul call. All Terry had to do was lay the ball up, but that only would have started another controversy. Of course, there’s so much happening in those final moments that it’s easy to have sympathy for him in that situation.

Should the refs have called a foul on Arizona as Miles lost control of the ball? TCU fans won’t forget about this one anytime soon.

Arizona held on for the win in overtime, beating TCU, 85-80. Terry can sleep a lot easier tonight knowing his team is going to the Sweet 16.