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You need to see this Illinois student section scouting report of Indiana

This is gold.

The future of sports media requires the next generation to be willing to dive in, put in the work, and tackle the thankless job of scouting players at every level of the game. Thanks to Illinois’ student section we have a blistering break down of Indiana’s basketball team, and really this is just stellar work.

Not only do we have seething commentary like “Great Value Steve Harvey” about Mike Woodson, but very specific ways to target opposing players — like their education history, turnovers and propensity to miss free throws (hence the free nuggets comment).

This scouting report goes a step further, however, to include specific Indiana burns for fans to pull out at the drop of a hat, should they need to. This includes having a scooter curfew (why, I don’t even know) and the expectations for the team that Indiana has failed to meet so far this season.

Is it petty? Yes. Childish? Absolutely. Still, the work is being done and we need to support it.