Jeremy Nash

Northwestern Wildcats #23 - Guard

  • Height: 6-4
  • Weight: 191

I’m so bored I’m playing an entire season with Northwestern on NCAA Basketball 10 (Part II)


As they fight the game every step of the way, the first half of B1G play produces some big wins for the ‘Cats, but also a few unfortunate losses.

Happy Retirement, Coach Carmody.


He’s been retired for a while now. I just wanted to use all 35 seconds of the shot clock one last time.

Cardiac Catastrophes: A Look at Northwestern Basketball in One-Possession Games


After a hearbreaking loss to Michigan, a look at Northwestern's performance in games they had one shot to win since the 2008-2009 season.

How Will Michael Thompson's Absence Affect Northwestern?


Offense figures to be worse, but defense figures to be better.

Northwestern vs. Wisconsin-Milwaukee Recap: TAKE THAT ED McCANTS


Northwestern gets their 1st postseason win in 17 years, by defeating UWM 70-61.

Is Northwestern underachieving, or just finding their own level?


Despite fan optimism, Northwestern will almost certainly fall short of the NCAAs, and we should have seen it coming.

Key Matchup: Northwestern vs. Indiana: Bill Carmody vs. The Unemployment Line


Sunday's game could be Bill Carmody's last stand. Can he make the right adjustments in time for Indiana? We'll see...

Northwestern Wildcats at Figthing Illini Preview: Keep it rolling at home


The Illini look to build on their undefeated home record and #20 national ranking against Northwestern tonight

Northwestern vs. Illinois preview


Northwestern takes on the No. 20 Illini on the road, and it could get ugly.

If John Shurna must sit, then who plays instead?


Alex Marcotullio, Mike Capocci, and Davide Curletti will try. Yeah, I'm not optimistic either.