Josh Shipp

UCLA Bruins #3 - Guard

  • Height: 6-5
  • Weight: 220

The NCAA's Big Lie About Athletes & Graduation

UCLA Basketball Players and the Big LIe about Graduation

Pac-12 Review: Conference improbably 7-1 in March


Your annual reminder that season long success has a easy-to-overcome correlation to March success.

Which Bruins are entering the record books?


As we enter the postseason, we take a look at which players have put up numbers that will put them in the record books next to some of the UCLA greats.

The Birth of Apathy

In a Sunday afternoon special, one BN writer talks about how his love for UCLA basketball has turned into total apathy following the hire of Steve Alford by UCLA's incompetent athletic director,...

Shabazz Muhammad Decision: UCLA Basketball Potential Game Changer


Shabazz Muhammad could be a game-changing talent for the UCLA Bruins if the recruit chooses them over the Kentucky Wildcats and the Duke Blue Devils.

Food for Thought: Should Howland Already Have a Title in Hand?


Bruins Nation takes a look at the rosters of Ben Howland's three Final Four teams, the opponents' rosters, where each guy ended up, and asks whether Ben underperformed in not winning it all with...

Rick Reilly Is Trying To Convince NBA Players Not To Take Talents To Turkey


Rick Reilly recently wrote a column on to try and keep American players from playing in Turkey.

Gambling on UCLA's Wings in Basketball Next Year


UCLA Basketball has to replace its starting wings next year. Some very early speculation on who will start.

UCLA Basketball: Where Wings Soar


UCLA has a strong recent history with Shooting Guards and Small Forwards

"Inexperience" - Never an Excuse for a UCLA Team Playing "Ben Ball" in March


Bruins Nation breaks down the claimed "inexperience" excuse for this year's basketball team and how it doesn't past the laugh test.

Three Elements of UCLA's Malaise: Honeycutt, Nelson & Howland's Uneven "Discipline"


Bruins Nation breaks down Ben Howland's pattern of letting lazy, unfocused players (like Reeves Nelson and Tyler Honeycutt) get tons of minutes regardless of how well or how hard they play.

Reeves Nelson Pulls a Josh Shipp on Cal; Bruins Win 86-84


The Bruins came out with energy, and it showed on the defensive end with Anthony Stover starting and immediately tallying a block. Tyler Honeycutt did likewise on help defense, and Brendan Lane hit...