Chris McHenry

Miami-Ohio RedHawks #24 - Guard

  • Height: 5-11
  • Weight: 185

Fun With MAC Basketball Stats: Three-Point Hogs


With the regular season over, we can now have some fun with the statistics in front of us. Here's one I always liked: those dudes hanging out in the perimeter having up nothing but three-point...

MAC Basketball: Miami Is Tops, Despite Tired (Possibly Mechanical) Legs


Miami somehow made its way to first place on the backs of three players who logged 40+ minutes against Kent State. It must be the cybernetic legs.

MAC Basketball Season Preview: Miami RedHawks


Trivia question: name all the teams that scheduled Duke AND Kansas this year. Your answer: the Charlie Coles-coached RedHawks.

The season begins: Indiana Hoosiers v. Howard Bison.


After a long offseason, the Hoosiers begin playing basketball tonight.

The Ultimate Rankings Countdown: 344 - 330


You might be asking why in the world anyone would be ranking college basketball teams in June. Well when your attempting to rank every single one of the 344 teams that play Division I basketball,...