Mark McLaughlin

Seattle Redhawks #32 - Guard

  • Height: 6-6
  • Weight: 195

Markel Starks to Play in Portsmouth Invitational


Georgetown point guard attempts to make NBA dream a reality.

McLaughlin Leaves Washington


Mark McLaughlin leaving the Huskies will obviously have an on-court impact, but how much? Let's take a look.

Mark McLaughlin Decides Not To Be A Husky, Changes Self Back To Man

Mark McLaughlin was a Husky. Now he isn't. He also was almost a Cougar, but wasn't. He was a member of the Wolf Pack, but not for long. He was a Bear, but no longer. He was a Redhawk, but that...

Mark McLaughlin Leaves UW Basketball Team


Mark McLaughlin has left the University of Washington. In this case, it'd be best to reserve judgment.

Gilles Dierichx Transferring To Washington, According To Report


According to reports, the Huskies just landed Giles Dierichx, a sophomore seven-footer from Florida International University.

Seton Hall Basketball: 2012-13 Non-Conference Schedule Breakdown


Being blunt, the non-conference schedule does absolute nothing to entice Seton Hall fans to become first time season ticket holders and acts as a catalyst towards preventing renewals. When Stony...

Washington Huskies Basketball Recruiting Profiles: Jabari Bird


Lorenzo Romar and Washington's coaching staff has their eyes on Jabari Bird, one of the top recruits in all of California. Here's a closer look on the UW target.

206 Clicks: The Amazing Story of Whitman's David Michaels


Did you miss any Seattle sports news on Wednesday? Here's a link roundup to get you caught up.

Repercussions From Wroten and Ross Leaving


Stuff happened with the basketball team this past week. News! Three pieces of news! Two pieces of news were separately bigger than the last piece of news. It is probably a good thing for those...

The Streak Ends At 11....So What's Next For Gonzaga Basketball?


What does the future hold for the Gonzaga program? I take a look at the past 11 years, while also looking at what may lay ahead.

2K Classic Subregional: How Seattle U Got Its First Road Win


If you recall Seattle University's big run against Oregon State last week, there was a sort of standout star player that made some big emotional plays but a number of other players who did the...