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College Football

The entire 2018 CFB season, in hundreds of tweets

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Why UConn should probably drop to FCS

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6 surging, unsigned recruits to know before Signing Day

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Ex-Bama QB coach says he didn’t ‘ghost’ Saban, but met another program

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PAPN: Aggie hype and the best games of the year

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3 takeaways from Mel Kiper’s first NFL mock draft of 2019

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Transfer QBs who could face their old teams, ranked by ZEST

Saban’s 2016 coaching staff is now gone, and 2017’s is almost

OU, aka Transfer QB U, should let players go wherever they want

5 things to consider about Jalen Hurts, Oklahoma’s new QB

Football helmets are the hot new accessory at Paris Fashion Week

Playoff committee members lack non-power representation

How Ohio State can unlock Justin Fields’ massive potential

5 reasons Clemson should accept Quavo’s invite next

Miami might be having college football’s best offseason so far

Indeed, new Miami QB Tate Martell’s first name is ‘Tathan’

So you need to choose between baseball and football

Kyler Murray faces a decision like his dad did — but holds all the power

2018’s CFB teams whose results most differed from recruiting rankings

9 thoughts on Trump serving Clemson fast food

Kyler Murray is the king. The A’s are his subjects

Well, Joe Paterno’s son is now a blogger for the Saudi government

South Carolina’s new football facility has a damn recording studio

8 anti-Playoff expansion arguments, and why they’re all bad

Your step-by-step guide to the college football offseason

Clemson’s win streaks vs. almost every champ of last 20 years

The evolutionary history of the Option

Football’s option tactic is part of almost every offense in football, with most of its innovations coming at the college level. Here’s how the option went from rugby to the classic triple to RPOs, with some other reads along the way too.

44 reasons Barry Sanders’ 1988 is football’s greatest season ever

The year everyone already regards as the best ever was somehow even better than that.

2007: The inside story of CFB's best season ever

A book-sized roundup of interviews, retrospectives, alternate histories, podcasts, videos, and more, all on the wildest, weirdest, most memorable year in history.

A 9-point plan to upgrade college football forever

Meet the Bag Man

THE definitive national champ for each season, 1869-2018

Why we love college football

In this excerpt from his book, SB Nation's Bill Connelly, along with other college football experts, details what makes the sport, and everything that surrounds it, so special.

25 maps that explain college football

Football 3.0

The future of football is coming. This is what it will look like (if it wants to survive)

College Football Rankings

College football podcasts

College Football Recruiting