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College Football Features

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“The ethics of an itinerant ‘horse’ trader” — A history of the Kansas State-Kansas rivalry

For 118 years, bad blood, bad football and broken rules have dominated the Kansas-Kansas State rivalry. Most of the history is forgotten — maybe for good reason. But I wrote about it anyway.

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RIP Miami Football, 1980-2005 (Part 1)

In the Wake of the Worst Loss In Program History, It Is Time to Tell the Story of Miami’s Demise

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49-35: The day ODU shocked the Hokies

A collection of memories from Old Dominion’s upset over Virginia Tech last year.

One Last Smile with the Snake

Twilight of the JUMBOTRON

Can the Bison Still Come Back?

The State v. Robertson

A Better Game?

The Reckoning

Nick Saban's last great rebuild

7 coaches explain what goes into game week

The best college football preview anywhere

The Return of Marcus Lattimore


League of Lies

2014 SB Nation All-America Team