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LSU Recruiting Scouting Report: How Good Is Gunner Kiel?

LSU finally has its blue-chip quarterback recruit in Gunner Kiel, who committed to the Tigers on Tuesday. Paul Crewe of the excellent SB Nation LSU site, And The Valley Shook, has a breakdown of Kiel.

This is certainly worth a read, as Crewe breaks down Kiel's mechanics, size, arm, athleticism, mental game and upside. Here's an excerpt:

... A lot of people compare him to Andy Dalton, which I think is pretty decent. His arm is plenty good enough, but nothing anyone is going to go crazy about. What is most impressive about his throws though, is that, even at this young age, he understands touch. Kiel knows that a 5-yard screen doesn't need to be rifled, nor should a deep out be lofted. He shows a lot of ability to adjust the velocity of his throws based on not just the type of throw, but the type of defense he sees. This is a very good sign.

I'm on board with this. Crewe does state that Kiel's arm is close to being "great." I don't agree with that, but once a quarterback has the requisite arm strength to throw most of the routes, accuracy becomes much more important. And Kiel certainly has enough arm strength.

Crewe also notes the mental side of Kiel's game, which I touched on here. This is a quality evaluation and one LSU fans need to read.

For more on LSU recruiting, visit And The Valley Shook.