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Is Georgia Leading For Recruit Avery Young?

Young's teammate thinks Georgia will be the final destination for the big offensive tackle.

Avery Young
Avery Young

It's no secret that Avery Young has narrowed his list to the Auburn Tigers and Georgia Bulldogs. The talented tackle recruit out of Palm Beach Gardens (Fla.) has visited both schools multiple times. Now all that's left is to make a decision.

Update: Young's father told Jeff Greer of the Palm Beach Post that Miami and Alabama are still very much in it for Young. While Bama likely won't have room, Miami certainly would. Young plans to visit Miami.

Young hasn't exactly been tipping his hand of late, but his teammate, Alex Clark, might have blown his cover:

Transcribed for those who cannot watch:

Interviewer: Everyone right now wants to know where Avery Young is going to go. Where do you think Avery Young's going?

Clark: Um, I think he might slip to Georgia (smiles), (laughs).

Interviewer: Boy, what's your reasoning behind that? Do you have any guesses, err?

Clark: I just, when he came back and talked to me, he just loved the facilities and everything about it, so I think Georgia might fit him.

It might be that Georgia is fresh on his mind, as Athens was Young's most recent visit. Or maybe that Auburn still has not hired an offensive coordinator.

The only certainty in recruiting is that there are no certainties. And being that Young has not named anyone a leader in recent interviews, it's too speculative to say Georgia is leading for his services.

Young is rated a four-star prospect by 247 Sports.

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