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Gunner Kiel Decommits From LSU, According To Reports

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Did Gunner Kiel just ditch LSU for Notre Dame after doing the same to Indiana?

Gunner Kiel, one of the top quarterback prospects in the country, is reported to have decommitted from the LSU Tigers and committed to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Yahoo! Sports recruiting analyst Mike Farrell tweeted:

"Talked to two solid sources that say #LSU is out for Kiel, #Vanderbilt opportunity already passed and #NotreDame is the place.

However, I don't expect Kiel or family to comment until he's actually enrolled at #NotreDame tomorrow.

Sources said that it has to be #NotreDame for Kiel barring something stunning at last minute."

Kiel had originally committed to Indiana over the summer, before decommitting. He then took trips to Notre Dame, Vanderbilt and LSU. Kiel ultimately ended up committing to LSU in December.

Internet rumors began swirling after Kiel failed to show up for a meeting for January-enrollees at LSU.

The Indiana quarterback is considered the top pro-style passer in the country. He holds over 40 college scholarship offers.

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