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Gunner Kiel To Notre Dame After Leaving LSU, According To Report

You may have heard the Monday night news that famous recruit Gunner Kiel has chosen to leave the LSU Tigers (after leaving the Indiana Hoosiers), according to Louisiana media and national recruiting media. Now we have a report from the Notre Dame Fighting Irish side that he's indeed headed to South Bend, from the Observer's Douglas Farmer.

The report has him enrolling early, just as he'd planned to do at LSU, and installing himself at the campus' O'Neill Hall.

Kiel has become perhaps the 2012 recruiting crop's biggest name, thanks in part to his talent (he's rated a five-star quarterback and considered by most to be the nation's top dropback passer), but thanks also to his quest to find the right school. His very early commitment to IU came as a surprise; his October decommitment did not.

As he hails from the state of Indiana, you sort of can't fight the feeling that he was going to wind up at Notre Dame all along, no matter where he stopped along the way. According to, it all came down to a family thing. Still, nothing is official yet, and we've yet to hear from Kiel himself.

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