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Gunner Kiel Enrolls At Notre Dame, And Les Miles Understands

LSU Tigers coach Les Miles understands everything. Whether you understand him or not is beside the question, even though no question has yet been asked. Les Miles? Yes. When asked about the surprise decommitment of top quarterback recruit Gunner Kiel, who's already enrolled to play for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Miles responded in understanding fashion:

"Young people make a variety of decisions for a variety of reasons. A guy in the Midwest wanting to stay close to home was his right decision. I can understand that," Miles said. "We need people who would be happy in Louisiana."

Family was indeed frequently cited by LSU outlets as Kiel's primary reason for staying close to home. While Kiel's switch to the Irish could mean a new home for fellow star Indiana quarterback recruit Devin Fuller, it sounds like this case has wrapped with smiling faces all around.

(Except for idiots who are constantly seeking reasons to be idiots anyway, of course.)

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