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Yuri Wright Dismissed Over Twitter Comments

Yuri Wright, one of the top cornerback recruits in the country, was dismissed from his school Wednesday by Don Bosco Prep (N.J.) after posting many inflammatory and inappropriate comments via his Twitter account, according to a report by the the Record/Herald-News.

It is believed that Michigan stopped recruiting Wright recently over the same twitter comments:

But a far more interesting, humorous and vulgar reason may be the true cause behind the move. Wright is a very active tweeter. And sometimes, it appears that he forgets (or does not care) that he has 1,600+ followers. As the screenshots on Chat Sports show (NSFW), Wright really went at it, posting a number of tweets that would make any prospective school queasy.

It should be noted that Wright's twitter was private. But he accepted the follow requests of more than 1,600 people, including many members of the media.

High-profile recruits need to realize that they are under the microscope. Whether a school should be disciplining a student for comments he made outside of school is outside the purview of this recruiting column, but once these recruits reach the next level, colleges will not be tolerant of these antics.

Max Preps recruiting analyst Stephen Spiewak tweeted that Wright was "radioactive."