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Joel Caleb Recruiting Update: Wide Receiver Reportedly Visiting West Virginia

Will Joel Caleb choose West Virginia or Virginia Tech?

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Caleb is a special athlete from Midlothian (Va.) Clover High. At 6'2" and 205 pounds, he has good power and solid speed. Caleb could play a lot of positions at the next level, including receiver, running back and safety. Caleb holds more than 10 BCS offers.

SB Nation's West Virginia site, The Smoking Musket, has this nugget on Caleb:

WR Joel Caleb, rumored to be a heavy Virginia Tech lean, is also supposed to visit this weekend. To me, he's an intriguing guy because he's talented enough that we wouldn't turn him away despite a nice haul of WRs to date. Would someone else lose their scholly if Caleb wanted to commit? Hmm...

Ohio State was thought to be making a move for Caleb. But now the Buckeye Battle Cry speculates that because Ohio State is in good position with Davonte Neal, that it will not have room for Caleb and is thus cooling on him.

Caleb visited Virginia Tech on December 9th. Hokie insiders feel good about Caleb, but a lot can change in a weekend. That Ohio State is apparently backing off now only helps to bolster that feeling.