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Avery Young Expecting In-Home Visits From Georgia, Florida, Auburn & Miami This Week

Avery Young is expecting a lot of in-home visits this week.

As the 2012 recruiting cycle wraps up, offensive tackle Avery Young becomes more in demand. And though he's a developmental prospect, the 6'6", 270 pound offensive lineman from Palm Beach (Fla.) Gardens holds offers from much of the SEC. And he's narrowed his list to Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Florida and Miami.

Four of those schools are expected to visit this weekend, according to Gardens' head coach Chris Davis, via Twitter:

Okay, here is Avery's visit schedule: Richt, Bobo and Friend tomorrow morning. Muschamp, Hill and not sure who else tomorrow evening.
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Thursday for AY56: Auburn will visit with Loefler, Grimes and Trooper. Canes will bring by Golden and Kehoe among others I'm sure.
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Davis is a consensus four-star recruit and a two-time NFL legacy, via his father, Willie Jones, and his brother, Willie Jones Jr. He will need a red-shirt year and likely another developmental year after that, but he does have considerable potential once he develops. There are some questions as to his ability to add significant weight, but many of the top programs in the SEC don't seem to see it as much of a problem.