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National Signing Day Predictions: Where Will The Top 2012 Recruits Commit?

Where are some of the top college football recruits in the country headed on National Signing Day? SB Nation's Bud Elliott and Paul Wadlington predict!

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With National Signing Day now just two days away, I sat down with SB Nation colleague Paul Wadlington to predict where some of the top uncommitted recruits will sign. Paul's picks are serious, and his explanations are quite funny. I was going to go funny here as well, but I can't best Paul's, and there can be only so much humor in recruiting. Right?

Update: Bud has a 1-0 lead over Paul after Arik Armstead chose Oregon on Sunday evening.

Prospect Paul Bud
Dorial Green-Beckham The Notorious DGB's serious contenders look to be Arkansas (kid's fave), Texas (parent's fave), and Missouri (the mutually agreeable compromise), and though Dorial may not even yet know where's he's headed, smart money - despite Petrino's late chicanery - still says his signing day breakfast consists of egg whites, a light croissant, and a heavy serving of bacon. Arkansas I'll take Arkansas here, too. It's very close to his home and what receiver wouldn't want to play in a wide-open offense?
Kyle Murphy When you're considered a Stanford lock and take a last second visit to USC, is it buyer's remorse? Maybe. But it feels more like a bachelor party before the marriage. This bride is wearing red and her SAT score is obscene. Stanford Some refer to San Clemente High as "USC high", because it constantly feeds kids to the Trojans. If Murphy was going to Stanford he'd have done so by now. The tall tackle stays home and picks USC.
Nelson Agholor Does Agholor really want Will Muschamp's mini-stroke on his conscience if he packs his bags for LA? No. No, he doesn't. In a close race with the Trojans, Agholor goes Gat-ah. Florida He went West and loved it over the summer. Yesterday's visit to USC is the last thing he'll think about before he settles in to make his decision. Trojans, again.
Darius Hamilton Remember when Rutgers had a five star lock in their backyard? Remember when Scarlet Knight fans briefly thought the world was not cruel? Yeah. Me too. Those were good times. And they couldn't last. I see flatland bogs and humidity in his future. Florida I'll go out on a limb here and stick with Rutgers. Why? Because Greg Schiano didn't take the whole staff, meaning some relationships are still intact. And geography matters so much in recruiting.
Tracy Howard Howard's parent cleverly utilized Boy Named Sue theory to ensure that their son grew up tough and grew up and mean, and who better to utilize those traits in a lockdown corner than Muschamp's man-to-man coverage schemes? My name is Tracy....HOW DO YOU DO? Florida LOL. Agreed. The opportunity to play early makes UF the choice over FSU, Miami and others.
Andrus Peat Nebraskans: humble people of the earth. Where else could someone named Peat go? Nebraska Peat's brother plays for Nebraska. I don't think his family wants to split time between schools. Huskers
Jeremy Liggins The 270-pound Jared Lorenzen aspirant will be closing down buffets and looking off safeties in Faulknerian fashion. Ole Miss Starkville does not have a Krispy Kreme. The closest is Tuscaloosa. Oxford is a much shorter trip to both nearby Memphis locations. He doubles his chances at "hot now." Ole Miss
Ricardo Louis Occam's Razor for cutting through recruiting B.S.: when a recruitment is termed "chaotic", never bet against War Eagle. Auburn Auburn'd
Joel Caleb Enter, Sandman. Exit West Virginia and Ohio State. Virginia Tech West Virginia has a bunch of young skill guys. Virginia Tech offers a much better chance at immediate playing time. Hokies
Dalvin Tomlinson Will make one hell of an engineer. Georgia Tech Saban somehow finds room for the state-champion wrestler. Bama