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Wes Brown To Choose Between Miami, Vanderbilt, Virginia Tech, Colorado And Maryland

Wes Brown will make his college decision known Thursday night on ESPN.

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Wes Brown, one of the better running backs in the country, is set to choose between Miami, Vanderbilt, Virginia Tech, Colorado and Maryland. The star from Olney, Md.'s Lady Of Good Counsel will decide during the Under Armour All-America Game, Thursday night on ESPN. The game airs at 7:30 p.m ET.

Brown's recruitment has been a bit of a circus, as the runner routinely gave conflicting information to various reporters. But he has at least visited all of these schools, giving him a chance to figure out what he wants in a school.

He hasn't stood out at this week's Under Armour game, but failing to stand out among the best of the best in the country is not necessarily a knock on him.

Brown has a good balance of speed and power, and the loaded Good Counsel team puts him to good use. Depending on the school he chooses, Brown could be in line for early playing time. It's also possible that his recruitment is far from over, and that he could continue to visit schools and change his mind on signing day.