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Ifeadi Odenigbo Set To Commit Saturday To Northwestern, Notre Dame Or Stanford

Ifeadi Odenigbo is focused on academics and athletics.

Ifeadi Odenigbo
Ifeadi Odenigbo

Ideadi Odenigbo, a talented outside linebacker and defensive end from Centerville, Ohio, is set to announce his college commitment Saturday afternoon. Odenigbo has narrowed his choices to Northwestern, Notre Dame and Stanford.

Odenigbo was intent on soaking up the coaching at the Under Armour game. "I'm a student of the game, and I'm just learning and learning and becoming better every day," Odenigbo said. In particular, Odenigbo said that he needs to be less predictable and develop a greater variety of moves. "I can be predictable. At the high school level, I could get away with only using a speed rush. "[At the Under Armour All-America Game] I have to use an inside move as a counter. The tackles here are too good to be beaten with only an outside move," said Odenigbo.

Odenigbo could have announced during the All-America Game, but opted to wait for a more local feel. "I'm going back to my hometown. I'll have the local media come to my house," Odenigbo said. Odenigbo plans to do the "hat game," because he had always seen it on TV and wanted his chance to do it.

Odenigbo plans to study economics.