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Robert Nkemdiche's mom wants Alabama or Ole Miss over Clemson

Robert Nkemdiche is gearing down his recruiting to focus on his team's run at the playoffs, but his mother has plenty to say about where her top-rated son should play.

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Top recruit Robert Nkemdiche's focus isn't on recruiting right now, as he told the AJC:

"Undisputed No. 1 prospect Robert Nkemdiche told the AJC that he has basically shut down the recruiting process until his senior season of high school football is over.

"'I not thinking about it [...] I'm just focused on the season right now. My focus is on my team, and helping my teammates try to win the state championship again. And I'll worry about recruiting and everything else after the playoffs.'"

But while Robert's focus is on the playoffs, his mother is becoming increasingly involved in his recruitment.

It's not the first time she's made headlines. In early October, Beverly told ESPN that she was unhappy with her son's choice of Clemson, and that she believed he had been pressured into the decision. Where does Beverly want Robert to attend college? Ole Miss, of course, with his brother Denzel, a fast rising star at linebacker for the Rebels. But she's also fond of Alabama. In a Q&A with the AJC, Beverly Nkemdiche discusses many of the factors with her son's recruitment.

Here's Beverly on her desire for Robert to play with Denzel:

"Every mother would want that. I don't want a case where they have games in two different states, and I will be running around like a rooster, or not go to one (game). Every parent would really want that. It's my wish for it to happen, but I'm not going to put pressure on anybody. If it happens, great. If it doesn't, OK. But I would really love for them to play together, as well as have the power of two - where two people come together and play as one. That is what I'm looking to see, where Denzel and Robert will come together and play a good game and good defense. But I'm not putting pressure on any one of them."

And her thoughts on Clemson:

Robert told ESPN that Clemson coach Dabo Swinney is "trying to win my mom's heart." How is that coming along? "I have not spoken to the man, or the coach. We have not had the opportunity to communicate. I have not spoken to him. I think they sent a letter to Robert, but I haven't gotten around to reading the letter. I don't want to be distracted at this point. I'm going to go watch the game Saturday at UGA. But like I said, Clemson is out of the way for me. There is nothing that would take me there. It's not like it's a bad school or whatever. I haven't been to Alabama either. I love Alabama but I haven't been there and visited the school. Again, the only thing that took me to Ole Miss was Denzel."

Would you be willing to talk to Clemson over the telephone if they reached out to you? "I would talk on the phone with Clemson, most definitely. It would be rude if I did not talk to them. No, no, no, I'm not like that. Some people think I hate Clemson but I don't dislike any school. But the truth of the matter is that I have not had the opportunity to talk with them, and I don't want to travel around just to go see a school. No, I don't have that time to do all of that. The little time I have, I want to spend it with my children here. Like next week, I'm going to Ole Miss again to see my son."

The entire interview is quite revealing and very much worth the read.

Nkemdiche will also visit Georgia this weekend as the Bulldogs host Denzel's Ole Miss Rebels.

Do you think Nkemdiche will stick with Clemson? If not, when do you think he'll make the switch?

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