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Robert Nkemdiche decommits from Clemson, according to high school coach

Robert Nkemdiche has decommitted from Clemson, according to his Grayson High coach.

Kevin C. Cox

So let's recap the events of the past 24 hours in the everlasting Robert Nkemdiche recruitment saga, in which the entire Southeast crawls over itself for a piece of the nation's No. 1 high school football player:

Around 11 p.m. ET, reports emerged that Nkemdiche had decommitted from Clemson. Shortly after, Nkemdiche denied to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution* that he's dropping Clemson. And now his high school coach has confirmed the first decommitment report:

Now, Grayson head coach Mickey Conn is confirming that his star defensive end is, in fact, no longer committed to Clemson.

"Yes, he has decommitted," Conn told MaxPreps in an email this morning.

If he is leaving, expect Ole Miss to be sitting pretty. Read Steven Godfrey's in-depth look at their Nkemdiche pitch here.

* It does matter that it was the AJC that reported he's still sticking with the Tigers. Nkemdiche's had his issues with the AJC before, including when the paper turned his quote on hoping to get another of his high school teammates a scholarship offer into a DRAMA QUEEN KIDS THESE DAYS controversy. After that, he pledged not to talk to the paper anymore. Nobody really knows exactly what's going on right now, but ... did Nkemdiche just give the AJC less-than up-to-date info as a little piece of revenge? Is that what this looks like to anybody else?

For the time being, we'll say this is just recruiting being recruiting and the Nkemdiche story being the Nkemdiche story.

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