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Son of pro wrestler Sting could play college football at Kentucky

It's hard to imagine the son of a WCW great ending up anywhere but the SEC.

Lars Baron

Steven Borden, a 6'3 tight end at Kilgore junior college in Texas, is planning to play major college football next year. He's down to Texas Tech and Kentucky, with new Wildcats offensive coordinator Neal Brown (formerly at Tech) looking likely to swing him along to Lexington.

Oh, right, and Borden is the son of WCW, NWA and TNA world heavyweight pro wrestling champion Sting, who went from being a surfer dude in the '80s to being the Crow in the '90s. His current character appears to be something like the dad from Raising Hope imitating the Joker:

But more about the football player! From the Courier-Journal, Borden on Brown's offense and how he views himself as a tight end:

"What I like about him is he uses tight ends in a way that not everyone has picked up on yet," he said. "I like to be less of a standard tight end, and a lot more, I like to split out wide and mix it up and be more of a versatile tight end like (Aaron) Hernandez with the Patriots. That's what I enjoy and is most fun to me. That's what I like about Coach Brown because that's how he uses tight ends. He's got a really fast-tempo offense."


"I was kind of born into [having a famous father], so I don't really know anything different," said Borden, who said his dad has shown him some of his moves in the ring. "I guess it's unique experience, but for me it's just life."

He knows the Stinger Splash and the Scorpion! He just said so!

If all this isn't enough SPORTS for you, here's Sting taking out a bunch of dudes via a BASEBALL bat while BASKETBALL player Dennis Rodman counsels Hulk Hogan and a lot of fans in the crowd wear FOOTBALL jerseys because it was the 1990s:

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