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Alabama Offers Anthony Averett: Here Come The Copycats

Woodbury (NJ) High School athlete Anthony Averett held an offer portfolio of East Carolina, Rutgers, South Florida, Syracuse, Temple and West Virginia as recently as a few days ago. That's a nice offer list, but none of those schools are considered recruiting heavyweights or elite programs.

That changed Sunday night, as Alabama elected to extend an offer to Averett. Yes, that Alabama.

Assuming the offer is legitimate, Averett should expect his list to explode as other coaching staffs will scramble to pop in Averett's tape and try to determine what they missed. The logic being that if he's good enough for Alabama, he's almost certainly good enough for any program. So, what did they miss?

From Averett's highlight tape, it's easy to see that he is fast. In fact, his offensive tape is almost entirely comprised of him outrunning opponents. He doesn't show many moves and is rarely touched running in the option scheme, so he doesn't really get the opportunity to showcase whatever power he may have.

But it's Averett's defense that impressed me. And this might be something college coaches missed. Averett's highlight tape shows him playing offense for the first 3:40. It doesn't indicate that highlights of him playing defense are coming. But keep watching, and there they are.

On defense, Averett shows the same speed he displayed while playing offense. To that, he adds a lot of highlight plays including leaping interceptions, fumbles, etc. And more importantly, he isn't afraid to tackle. At 6'1 and 175 pounds, Averett seems to have the size Nick Saban covets for the cornerback position.

Averett's film looks good, and Alabama probably has an evaluation from an independent scout as well. Credit the Tide for not being afraid to be the first major program to pull the trigger on an offer. Bama's coaching staff trusted its evaluation and this early offer could help them land a talented player.

Averett, of course, is just another shining example of why early recruiting rankings are woefully inadequate. Most recruiting services have not even bothered to rate Everett as of yet.