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Arkansas Starting From Scratch On The Recruiting Trail As Last Remaining Recruit Decommits

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Arkansas has lost its entire 2013 recruiting class. Not that there was much to lose to begin with, mind you, as the Razorbacks had only two commitments when the Bobby Petrino saga started. Now they have none.

First, Alvin Manvel (TX) wide receiver Austin Bennett decommitted in the immediate aftermath of head coach Bobby Petrino's firing Tuesday evening.

That was followed by the decommitment of Katy (TX) Cinco Ranch High School's Jamel James. James, a running back, was thought to still be solid to the Razorbacks. But after a few days to consider his situation, that was no longer the case:

And with offers from Clemson, LSU, Florida State and USC, why should the four-star back stay committed to the Razorbacks? If you were looking for a job and had many top options, would you commit to a position that offers no certainty as to your supervisor and mentor?

Despite excellent new facilities, recruiting at Arkansas can be tough as there's just not much talent in the state. For that reason, Wescott Eberts suggests that Arkansas hire a coach with Texas recruiting ties, which, not coincidentally, is where James is from.

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