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Alex Anzalone's Father Rips Ohio State Coaching Staff After Son Decommits

Alex Anzalone's decommitment from Ohio State came at a curious time, leading many to wonder if it had to do with the weird, scary story about a convicted sex offender contacting Buckeye recruits on Twitter. For his part, the All-State Wyomissing linebacker declined to get into specifics, saying he had his reasons but didn't want to make them public.

His father, however, was unafraid of opening up and clearing a few things up. According to Sal Anzalone, the last straw was a photograph of his son with Charles Waugh, the man Ohio State warned athletes about this week.

"You don't want your son to go to a place where there's a potential issue (like this)," Sal Anzalone said. "You expect the (football) staff to have some sort of control on how things are handled with recruits when they visit. This is ridiculous.

"I was concerned with what recruits do, and with them being allowed to visit these kind of places where it puts kids at risk. That's the issue. You entrust people (at the school) to do the right thing."

Via Reading Eagle

This is certainly a complicated issue, and more may have been at play, but Anzalone's father was extremely upset that a sex offender had posed with his son for a photograph, and seemed to blame the coaching staff. He went on to add that "something's just not right" at Ohio State.

Of course, one has to wonder what Ohio State could've done, short of screening everyone at the spring game. It happened, and it's an odd situation all-around, but it seems like more of a cautionary tale than an indictment of the Buckeyes.