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Elvis Dumervil's Cousin Harry Is A 6'8, 400-Pound Offensive Line Recruit

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Harry Dumervil isn't yet a big time offensive line recruit, but he sure is big. Really big. As in 6'8 and 400 pounds, or so he claims. If he's off, it's not by much, as ESPN checked him in at 6'7 and 399 pounds. He's in the class of 2014, meaning he'll be a junior this fall.

He also happens to be the cousin of NFL defensive end and former Louisville star Elvis Dumerville.

I briefly met Dumervil while covering the Heath Evans 7-on-7 Tournament over the weekend for SB Nation. Unfortunately, because of the number of talented athletes attending the event (16 teams and 24 games because the final four was cancelled due to rain), I didn't get a close look at him in action, as the big men were showcased on a far field.

Click here for the full-length photo of Dumervil.

But those I spoke with regarding Dumervil had some interesting things to say. Obviously, 400 pounds is far too much bulk to handle for a kid just learning to control his body. And he is quite raw. One recruiting analyst told me that Dumervil is so big and raw that he doesn't get into anything resembling a proper stance, but that once on the move, he is athletic for being 400 pounds.

The most important thing for Dumervil to focus on is slimming down. At his size, his conditioning is such that he will be worn out before he can get enough reps significantly to improve his game.

Dumervil doesn't currently hold any offers and transferred to Northeast High School after previously playing for Boyd Anderson High. But with his frame, I expect a few colleges to take a shot assuming Dumervil can get in better shape and he has his grades in order.

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